Wind turbines VAWT DPV 1A (1 +0)/2m

Wind turbines VAWT DPV 1A (1 +0)/2m

Wind generator with one point mounts, height 2 m wing with the start of the rotation from 0.2 m/s

Silent generator capable of producing power

  1. Power 0.4 kW/h-with constant wind speed of 7 m/s
  2. Power 1 kW/h-with constant wind speed of 9 m/s

Increasing the speed of rotation of the turbine is directly proportional to the wind speed increasing

VAW DPV 1A (1 +0) 2 m
VAW DPV 1A (1 +0) 2 m


Standard specification

  • The height of the wing-2 m
  • Number of wings-3 PCs
  • Diameter of 1.67 m
  • The main synchronous generator MAGLEV/neodymium magnets-1 PCs
  • Electronic multiplication wind power-1 PCs
  • The output voltage of a DC fluktuiruûŝee nestabilizirovannoe-from 4-380 v, from 0.5-10 a.

controller charging JSCB

  • Rated power of the main generator used in this model-1 kW
  • Output power increased during the operation by adding modules, wings and the number of generators.
  • Weight of 1 piece wind turbine Assembly-65 kg
  • Minimum order 2 PCs

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